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Thank you for completing our brief questionaire! Based on the answers to your questions it is most likely that you have a Protein-type metabolism.


Protein Types as the name suggests do better with a diet high in protein. Left unchecked though you may find yourself eating lots of fatty unhealthy foods like processed meats, roasted nuts and meaty pizzas.  You probably have a strong appetite and may even feel hungry soon after a big meal.

When you do eat sugar, you probably find it hard to stop, though you possibly feel shaky after eating sugary snacks and experience a drop in energy soon after.

Because of your strong appetite, calorie restriction diets will be particularly difficult to stick to and though you may experience an initial period of weight loss , feeling hungry all the time ultimately leads to down regulation of your metabolism, losing interest in dieting and re-gaining any lost weight.

What Does a Protein Type Need?


Protein Types should choose a diet high in proteins and ‘good’ fats and low in carbs. Like all people even protein types need balance and as such you should still include healthy complex carbs (fruits and vegetables) in your diet.

Heavier proteins like eggs, red meat and some dairy products (though dairy is exlcuded from some very protein based diets such as paleo) will satisfy your hunger for longer and should be preferred. If you like poultry , the legs and wings (dark poultry) are better for you than the breast (white poultry).

For protein types, diets such as paleo may work well for you. Please visit my paleo review page for more detailed information about some of the better Paleo plans available on the web.