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The caveman diet is a highly beneficial diet which in time will certainly result in you feeling great, losing weight and thoroughly enjoying the food that you eat. However as with all good things, significant change may be needed to get started and then to stick with it.

If you’ve spent every day of your life up to this point eating a diet full of processed foods, you may struggle to make the necessary changes. I would strongly advise you to obtain a reliable guide to increase your understanding and appreciation of the paleo lifestyle so you’re not trying to make serious lifestyle changes without proper direction.

I’ve listed what I believe to be the best paleo plans available on the web below:



30 day guide to paleo

The 30 Day Guide to Paleo, is as the name suggests a beginners guide to the paleo diet. This is an interactive e-book, which provides a wealth of information on how to properly implement the paleolithic diet. Its focus is for the most part on the diet rather than the lifestyle as a whole. It actually includes not ONE but TWO 30 day meal plans, weekly shopping lists, 185 paleo recipes, a great how-to guide and online support. The focus in this guide is very much on the practise of eating paleo , rather than the science behind it, which will be of particular value to paleo newbies. With well structured meal plans, and extensive info and recipes , your first 30 days of Paleo eating will go a whole lot smoother. The main downside, is that although the 30 day guide is a comprehensive guide to ‘eating’ paleo, the other areas of the paleo lifestyle are not properly covered. In particular it lacks an exercise program such as that offered by Paleo Burn. It is however a fairly comprehensive dietary guide and for only $29.00 represents good value.

Pros: A great start up guide for paleo eating. The dietary info is extensive and will lead you through planning your first 30 days of the diet with ease. Considering how much is provided, at $29.00 represents great value.

Cons: Though a great start up guide, anyone more familiar with paleo eating, may find the information a little basic. The lack of information on the paleo lifestyle particularly the absence of an exercise program is a mark against.

Conclusion: Despite its shortcomings, and the lack of an exercise program it offers good practical advice for eating Paleo and will see you comfortably through your first 30 days (and I’m sure a little further) on the Paleo Diet.

To read my full review please CLICK HERE.

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There’s currently a lot of hype on the web about ‘Your Guide to Paleo’. This is a beautifully illustrated e-book, which provides information on all aspects of the Paleo Lifestyle. The main focus of the guide is on nutritional choices though there is also information provided about how to ‘live paleo’ with brief discussion on sleep, stress reduction and exercise.

Though there is some advice on meal planning and links to recipes, this is limited, though if you wish, you can access monthly meal plans for an additional fee.

The main focus of the guide is on making good nutritional choices and to its credit this information is presented and illustrated extremely well, and though it lacks the planning of ‘The 30 day Guide’ and the comprehensive diet and lifestyle advice of Paleo Burn, if you’re on a budget and you’re prepared to do some of your own meal planning, ‘Your Guide to Paleo’ provides enough dietary information for you to decide what aspects of Paleo eating are best for you.

Cost: One time cost of $19.00 for the basic guide. Optional upsells offered at time of purchase.

Pros: Well illustrated and presented. Excellent nutritional info and a low cost option if budget is an issue

Cons: Limited information on other aspects of the paleo lifestyle. No real exercise program offered and proper meal planing not included in the basic guide.

Conclusion: A good low cost option if you’re prepared to do your own meal planning, and you have a particular interest in the nutritional science of the Paleo Diet.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox


The 21-Day Sugar Detox as the name suggests , focuses on how to effectively remove sugar from your diet. It has been developed by balanced bites which is one of my favorite paleo diet information sites. Through the promotion of paleo friendly foods, the 21 day sugar detox, will get you into a healthy eating pattern and help you permanently kick cravings for sugar and other processed carbs. The program includes the following:

Start Up Guide, Replacing foods guide, Food lists, information for vegetarians, pregnancy, breastfeeding, athletes etc, tips for dining out, recipe book, email course, bonus workout guide and supplement guide.

Cost: One time cost of $21.00

Pros: Lots of info at a great price. Excellent choice if sugar addiction is an issue.

Cons: Not a complete paleo guide, as little focus on other aspects of the 4 fundamental concepts.

Conclusion: Great value for anyone who has a particular issue with cravings for sugar and other processed carbs.

The Skintervention Guide


The Skintervention Guide is a guide to using Paleo Nutrition to cure skin conditions such as Acne and even psoriasis. This guide reviews the value of the paleo diet to produce beautiful skin, hair, nails and teeth. The program includes the following:

Guide to the right foods for healthy skin, super foods information (for immediate effects), nutritional insights, supplement guide, skin care products info (dos and don’ts), hair care info, and much more. Also comes with recipe book and resource guide.

Cost: One time cost of $37.00

Pros: Lots of information on using paleo nutrition to enhance your skin, hair, nails and teeth. (much more than I’ve found elsewhere)

Cons: Not a complete guide to the paleo lifestyle and doesn’t come with a dedicated support network.

Conclusion: An excellent choice for anyone suffering from any skin conditions or if your goal is beautiful skin, hair, nails and teeth.



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