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Paleo Burn has been developed as a complete guide to the paleo diet. It was started by Ken Burge following his own personal health battle and is written and presented well. Through his series of E-books, Paleo Burn members have access to all of the information needed to start and continue on the Paleo Lifestyle. The E-books explain the background and scientific basis for the paleo diet and provide extensive nutritional and lifestyle advice. Their members only site also includes over 40 educational exercise videos, paleo cookbook, audio guide, interactive food lists, and a support page where members can request additional advice from his expert staff.  In addition to all of this, Ken also offers expert advice on how to specifically tailor your diet in order to accelerate fat burning and improve muscle tone. This is particularly valuable if your goals include weight loss and body shaping.

At a one time cost of $47.00 you really will have everything you require without any need for add ons in the future to effectively switch over to the paleolithic lifestyle. In fact you can purchase the full Paleo Burn plan for as little as $37.00 if you follow a simple process to get a $10 off coupon. In addition you’ll also get to try Paleo Burn for the first 7 days for just ONE dollar. Just visit the PALEO BURN website, start to watch the promotional video (let it run for at least a minute) then click on your back button or try to close the page. A message will appear asking if you want to try Paleo Burn for $1 for 7 days. Click ‘stay on page’ (or other similar message depending on your computers settings) and then when you see the coupon image as shown below click ‘Yes, Try it Now for ONLY $1’ to receive the $1 deal and the discounted price on lifetime membership if you decide to continue your membership.

paleo burn for $1

I haven’t added any links to the coupon image as there isn’t a direct link to the discount page (sorry) , you will need to go through the process I have detailed above to receive the discount (and the 7 day trial for $1). I’m not a huge fan of these exit page discounts as I believe the price should be the same for everyone who buys but at the end of the day, the product Ken provides is a good one and at $37 it does represent great value. Plus Paleo Burn also comes with a 60 day ‘no argument’ money back guarantee: (CLICK HERE for details).

Through his E-books, Ken fully reviews the 4 key aspects of the paleo lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction) and explains in depth why these are so important to achieving good health and weight loss. And, unlike many other plans, Paleo Burn offers unique insight into the exercise aspect of the paleolithic lifestyle and explains and demonstrates how to get the most out of your exercise routines.


Paleo Burn ranks at number ONE of any Paleo plan I have found. Its a great product, and if you’re looking for a comprehensive paleo program then this is definitely the right plan for you. The information is more extensive than that provided by many other plans and considering Ken also provides ongoing support to his members, at $37 Paleo Burn Represents great value. Try Paleo Burn now! You really will be eating and living as nature intended you to and enjoying all the results. read more