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Thank you for completing our brief questionaire! Based on the answers to your questions it is most likely that you have a Mixed-type metabolism.


A Mixed Type feels best eating a well balanced healthy diet. Variety in everyday meals will help you feel your best. Of the three metabolism types, this one is usually the easiest to manage, simply because the food choices are greater.

Mixed types as the name suggests sit somewhere between the two extremes of protein types and carb types. While you may not feel shaky after sugary snacks with a subsequent low (as with protein types), you are by no means immune to this. Also, while you might not suffer from a weak appetite and tend to skip meals and then subsequently need caffeine to thrive , (as with carb types) again you may experience this at times also. Mixed types may tend slightly towards one of the other two metabolic types and it may take some trial and error to find out exactly what foods work best for you. By monitoring your responses to each meal you can determine which foods make you feel healthy and energized and which foods leave you feeling hungry, irritable and tired, or craving more food.

As a general rule, avoid  junk foods, eat healthy foods and keep a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet.