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Have you ever tried a diet, found it to work for a while, and then after just a few short weeks, found that your weight is stabilising or perhaps even increasing again, despite the fact that you are being diligent with the diet?

If you have then you’re not alone, and what’s more there’s a scientifically proven reason for what you experienced!

Without going into the science too much, what happens is that after a certain period of time, your body becomes conditioned to it’s new fuelling programme and adjusts metabolically. In fact, in some cases, depending on the diet chosen, and the calorie intake, it may even go into a form of ‘starvation mode’ which means that your metabolism is down-regulated so much, that you feel tired and listless and any food that is eaten is immediately converted into fat. Basically your body assumes that future intake of calories will be low, and makes the appropriate adjustments, and then, long story short, you gain the weight back.

So, with that in mind, I’d like to introduce the concept of Macro-Patterning.

Macro-Patterning is basically an elegant word for another well known dieting method known as ‘Carb Cycling’, and involves following a pattern of up and down regulating the number of carbohydrates you eat.

Some days you eat a moderate amount, some days you keep them low, and other days you eat a lot.

And, in doing so, you prevent your metabolism from adjusting to it’s new fuelling program, and subsequently experience continued weight loss as desired.

What’s more, because macro-patterning actually requires you to have high carb loading days, it means you can even plan a ‘diet endorsed’ cheat day. Which means, when you have that planned or even unplanned meal out, as long as you regulate the days after, you can ignore your diet, and not gain weight as a result!

Also, Because Macro-Patterning is more about ‘regulation’ of carb intake, it can also be incorporated into many mainstream diets (for example if you are a vegetarian).

Interested in learning more, or even giving Macro-Patterning a try?

Why not try out a dedicated Macro-Patterning Plan

I’ve listed two of the best programs available on the web, below.


The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan:

A standard macro-patterning plan, with a particular focus on the early stages of weight loss experienced when switching to a carb cycling routine.

Price: Currently available for the reduced price of $17.


The FOUR Cycle Solution:

A standard macro-patterning plan, providing equal focus on the various stages of carb cycling, from rapid weight loss in the early stages, through to the later 3 stages and ultimately to the ongoing maintenance of a healthy weight.

Price: Currently available for the reduced price of $10